Skills Bootcamp in Software Development

In partnership with The Growth Company, we are offering fully funded placements for our Skills Bootcamp in Software Development. Skills Bootcamps – part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs – are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

Our Skills Bootcamp is truly shaped by business. You’ll learn essential knowledge that can’t be found in a text book – like problem solving, communication skills and working in a team, as well as the key technical and commercial skills you need to land a great career in tech.

Skills Bootcamp: Software Development

Become a techincal professional and start your career as a software engineer. The course covers (but is not limited to):

  • Fundamental coding principles using JavaScript
  • Core client-side web technologies – HTML & CSS
  • Modern JavaScript UI libraries – React.js
  • Server-side programming using JavaScript/Node.js and NPM.
  • Working with databases such as MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Full stack web application development


  • Working in an Agile environment with Kanban, timesheets & Trello
  • Lifecycle of a technical project
  • Development/technical responsibilities to project managers/client-services
  • Lightning talks from our employer network and guest speaker
  • Understanding the traits of a valuable team member
  • Mindfulness and mental resilience workshop
  • Weekly yoga sessions (optional)

The Curriculum.

Developed in collaboration with our network of 250+ employers so we are confident that in just 12 weeks, you will become a junior full stack web developer capable of securing roles as a Software Developer, Games Developer, Web Developer, Applications Developer, Mobile App Developer or Software Tester.

Commercial and Personal Development.

We deliver not only a technical curriculum but also include the wider interpersonal and employability skills employers are looking for e.g. communication, problem solving, presentation skills, leadership and the ability to learn.

You will learn how to work in an agile environment with Kanban boards, the lifecycle of a technical projects and how to work in teams as software developers. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your communication skills throughout the course and understand the traits of a valuable team member.

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480 hours coding experience
No entry requirements
Built in employability training
Access to our Talent Portal to match to vacancies
Study remotely!
Funding available for qualifying students

Jenny's Story.

“I started on Code Nations explore course, then progressed to Develop and then enrolled on the 12-week bootcamp in January 2020, hoping to change my career. I had no coding skills or knowledge when I started, but my instructors assured me that at the end of my training I would be part of a team building a fullstack app.

They were right, that’s exactly what happened. They gave me the skills to build my own website using React and many other projects that I was so proud of.

I’m now an Apprentice at Urban Technology Group and so pleased to be given this life changing opportunity”