Cyber Security.

Begin your career as a Cyber Security Specialist. Our 3-Week course introduces you to the core principles required to enter the Cyber Security industry. Learn the core principles of cyber security, networking, online threats and deploying security tools to defend an online system

Develop: Cyber

Discover what it is like to work in a Cyber Security team.

  • The nature of cyber threats
  • How attacks on big organisations are designed to work
  • Exploring the common threats related to systems including denial of service, financial crime, terrorism and many others.
  • Examining the mechanisms used for common threats.
  • Understanding the OSI model
  • Exploring network services and how they can be exploited
  • Understanding the professional tools used to secure systems
  • Exploring how the components of an operational cyber security system fit together
  • Plan out your own cyber secure system and implement it
  • Built in employability training shaped by hiring employers
  • Employer Tech Talks

The Curriculum.

Our 3 week Develop: Cyber Course is designed to introduce you to the core principles of cyber security and digital forensics and provide exposure to tools and techniques used throughout the industry.

Using our project-based, immersive learning approach, you will combine learning essential theory with practical application, allowing you to begin implementing security techniques from day one.

Gain practical skills that you can take away and implement straight away on you own devices and networks such as setting up an anti-virus or firewalls. Understand risks to personal data security and what you should and should not share online.

The Develop Cyber Course helps you on your path to becoming a cyber security specialist. It is a proven pathway for progression onto our Cyber Security Apprenticeship, further education and training in the industry.

You will complete practical, hands-on sessions as well as completing a portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge. You will then complete an exam which consists of multiple choice questions and a combination of short and long questions.

This is a full time course, running 9:30 – 17:30,  Monday – Friday for 3 weeks.

Level 2 Certificate in IT Users Systems and Enterprise
Over 90% Pass Rate
Built in employability training
Study remotely!
Funding available for qualifying students