Master: Computer Science

In a world where there’s increasing demand for digital skills, there couldn’t be a better time to start your journey to becoming a business-ready Computer Scientist.

Our 10-week Master: Computer Science skills bootcamp is divided into three separate learning blocks: Coding, Extended Reality, and Cyber Security

You will build on your current experience to gain even more in-demand knowledge and the skills to empower you into a new career in the tech industry or into further progression / training. You will learn in an intuitive remote development environment alongside other aspiring developers working with the latest platforms and technologies used in the industry today.

All our courses are created with our extensive employer network and include employability sessions to support you to land or progress into that dream job in tech.

Master: Computer Science

Become a technical professional and start your career as a Computer Scientist. This course covers: 

Software Development
  • Front-end development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the DOM to make professionally designed websites
  • Deep dive into back-end and full-stack Python including object oriented programming and the Flask framework
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, using Data Science to build a neural network
  • Create a full-stack chatbot web app as your final project
Extended Reality (XR)
  • Overview of VR and its history
  • Continue to utilise and develop your coding skills
  • Explore the full development lifecycle of VR applications
  • Introduction to Unreal Engine and the professional tools you’ll need to develop XR projects from the ground up
Cyber Security
  • Basics of how computer systems function and how data is kept secure
  • Networking and how your data moves from one system to another
  • Exploring vulnerabilities in both hardware and software and how they can be exploited
  • Modern cyber threats and how they function with real world examples of cyber attacks

The Curriculum

The Code Nation: Computer Science (CompScicourse is designed to give people the skills to become high-value Junior Developers. It aims to empower people to develop the necessary skill set to enter the tech industry and hit the ground running. 

Commercial and Personal Development

We deliver not only a technical curriculum but also include the wider interpersonal and employability skills employers are looking for in the industry. You will build on your communication, problem solving, project management, presentation, and leadership skills that employers are looking for in industry. 

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to hear from industry speakers. 

You will learn how to work in an agile environment, mastering Kanban and Trello boards. You will experience the lifecycle of a technical project, working with project managers and how to work effectively in teams as Computer Scientists. You will have the opportunity to develop your communication skills throughout the course and understand the traits to become a valuable team member.

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No entry requirements
Built in employability training
Access to our Talent Portal to match to vacancies
Study remotely!
Funding available for qualifying students

Jenny's Story

“I started on Code Nations explore course, then progressed to Develop and then enrolled on the 12-week bootcamp in January 2020, hoping to change my career. I had no coding skills or knowledge when I started, but my instructors assured me that at the end of my training I would be part of a team building a fullstack app.

They were right, that’s exactly what happened. They gave me the skills to build my own website using React and many other projects that I was so proud of.

I’m now an Apprentice at Urban Technology Group and so pleased to be given this life changing opportunity”