Software Development using Python & AI

Software Development using Python & AI

Gain the tech skills required by the industry. The course covers:

  • Understanding coding principles and paradigms
  • Understanding of programming constructs and how to apply these when building solutions
  • Understanding of how to use generative AI as a support tool when building software applications
  • Understanding of numerical / data libraries within Python
  • Understanding of no-code development and how to use these tools to create an interface
  • Understanding of web frameworks / microframeworks with Flask
  • Understanding of software development methodologies and how these are implemented
  • Effective use of Chat GPT as a tool in the SDLC
  • Understanding how to use GitHub for version control including branching and merge conflicts

The Curriculum

Mapped to Level 3 – Learn to create websites, Python games and find out what it’s like working in the tech industry. Learn intermediate programming skills covering complex concepts for application development using Python.

Learn effective use of Large Language Model applications such as ChatGPT as a development tool. Explore the benefits and restrictions of using ‘No-Code’ solution building applications. You will gain an understanding of GitHub for version control and industry standard project management.

Commercial and Personal Development

We deliver not only a technical curriculum but also include the wider interpersonal and employability skills employers are looking for in the industry. You will develop and build on your communication, problem solving, project collaboration, presentation, and leadership skills.  

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to hear from industry speakers and receive personalised coaching from experienced data, technology and change professionals. 

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